North end of the beach: Wat Neran and the fishing pier

Things to see in Cha-Am

If you go towards the northern end of the beach, there are a few things worth seeing: a statue of an ancient King, the six-armed Buddha temple, and the fishing pier.

Statue of King Naresuan

King Naresuan the Great reigned from 1590 to 1605, during the Ayutthaya period. He used Cha-Am as a meeting place before going to war against the Burmese in 1593. His statue can be seen in a small park overlooking the sea, at the northern end of Cha-Am beach. If you are wondering why there are so many cocks at the base of the statue, it’s because King Naresuan was into cockfighting!

Neranchararam temple

If you go on for just a few meters, you will find Neranchararam temple (or simply “wat Neran”) on the left of the road. There you can admire a six-armed Bouddha image, with the hands closing all channels of the body, to show the cutting off of passion.

Statue of King Naresuan the Great

Wat Neran

The fishing pier

The fishing pier is at the north of Cha-Am. Go north along the beachfront and keep going straight through the gravelled road that starts from Wat Neranchararam (i.e. don’t follow the road that veers left). You will find the pier, and a few seafood restaurants. There used to be a lot of restaurants, unfortunately many had to relocate and all is left now is rubble.

The road leading to the pier

It used to be a restaurant!

A seafood restaurant close to the beach

Fishing boats

Saphan Hin

Saphan Hin “walking street” is a long pier built on the sea. This 13 million baht project was completed in 2011. People go there to fish, take a walk before the sunset or ride a bicycle. Cars are not allowed, unfortunately motorbikes are. To reach the pier, follow the beach and enter the dirt road leading to the fishing pier, then go to the end and turn right.

Saphan Hin

Saphan Hin

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