Questions about visas

March 26, 2016 2

Do I need a visa to visit Thailand? It depends on your passport. Passport holders from Western Europe, North America and Australia/NZ can enter the kingdom without any visa and stay for 30 days. Passport […]

Questions about health and safety

March 25, 2016 0

This page is for information purpose only (please read our disclaimer). Serious matters like health and safety should be verified with the relevant authorities before you travel. Health Is there any required vaccination for visiting […]

Scams and rip-offs

March 21, 2016 0

Double pricing policy In a lot of touristic places, like natural parks, amusement parks, or any place that you pay to visit, there is a double price policy: a lower price for the Thais, a […]

Dos and Don’ts in Thailand

March 20, 2016 7

You’ve probably read about the “good manners” already in your travel guide. Most of what the guides say is true: you shouldn’t point your feet towards a Buddha image, you shouldn’t touch a monk, etc. […]

Thai food

March 19, 2016 0

Introduction to Thai food Thai food is spicy, sour and sweet. Rice is a basic component of Thai cuisine, as it is of most Asian cuisines. Steamed rice is accompanied by highly aromatic curries, stir-frys […]

Cha-am in Street View

March 14, 2016 2

Last November, Google cars had been spotted in Cha-am. The result was fast, as Cha-am is now available in Street View. Not just Phetkasem road, like before, but all the streets and small sois of […]

Cha-am is now closer to Bangkok

November 18, 2015 0

It all started when a member of our forum (see the discussion here in French) wanted to find the Land Department Office, to get his driving licence. I told him he had to take the […]

Pala-U waterfalls

September 24, 2010 0

A beautiful waterfall 60 km west of Hua Hin. It has 15 levels, but reaching the first three or four levels is already rewarding (and could be exhausting if you’re not in a good physical […]

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