The Black ogress of Puek Tian

Things to see around Cha-Am

(photo Claude Rapaz)

Hat Puek Tian

Puek Tian beach (also spelled Puk Tian) is a popular photographic spot with many sculptures of fictional characters invented by Thailand’s most famous poet, Sunthorn Phoo. The sculptures are quite impressive and Puek Tian is a nice place to stop on the way to Hat Chao Samran and Phetchaburi.

Puek Tian Puek Tian


Take the “hospital road” towards the North and pass the bascule bridge. After the bascule bridge, take the third road (or second large road) on your right, in the direction of Puk Tian and Hat Chao Samran, then go straight for about 15 km until you see the big sign that says Puk-Tian beach. Turn right at the sign (you will see a big dinosaur on the right side of the road), then go straight towards the sea.

Hat Chao Samran

Chao Samran beach is very popular among Thai people. It is located 6 km north of Hat Puek Tian (just follow the road and turn right at the traffic lights). The beach is cleaner than Puek Tian and there is more sand and less rocks. There are very few Western tourists, but also very few restaurants, activities, etc. So it’s a nice place to relax, or a nice destination if you go for a ride in the area (the road is very pleasant). But to be honest, Cha-Am is not that noisy and busy so that you need to “get away from it all” and find a peaceful place to relax…;-)

Chao Samran Chao Samran


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