Roadworks in Cha-am

Edit 24 March – Roadworks look almost finished and intersections that are still blocked should be opened soon. A brand new set of traffic lights has been installed at the junction of Kaenchan school and the old Electricity building.

Roadworks will take place in Cha-am for several months (from November 1 to March 15, yes, that’s 4 months and a half!), and some intersections in the center will be closed. Motorists won’t be able to cross Cha-am main intersection (East-West only) or to use the two closest U-turns (near Lucky Massage/Cha-am Furniture to the north, and in front of soi Kaengchan to the south).

People are advised to use the next U-turns, i.e. the one in front of the Forest Park (to the south) and the one below the bridge over the railway (to the north).

The U-turn in front of Lucky (will be closed):

Cha-am main intersection (will be closed East-West):

The U-turn in front of soi Kaenchan (will be closed):

To change your direction from southbound to northbound, you are advised to use the U-turn in front of the Forest Park:

To change from northbound to southbound, use the U-turn under the railway bridge:

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