Test your knowledge about Cha-Am (quiz #2)

This is our second quiz about Cha-Am, still 15 questions but a little more difficult. We hope you find this quiz fun and interesting. If you have comments please let us know (but if you post in the "comments" section below, please do not give out the answers!).

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1. Which of these districts does not belong to the province of Phetchaburi?

2. 032 is the telephone dialling prefix for which province(s)?

3. Who is the Mayor of Cha-Am?

4. Which of these images is the actual logo of the municipality of Cha-am?



5. Which Thai royal is considered as the founding father of Cha-am?

6. Why is the statue of King Naresuan on Cha-am's north beach surrounded by roosters?



7. How many bodily orifices does the Buddha statue in Neranchararam temple cover with its six arms?



8. What is remarkable about the Tanot Luang temple, some 20 km north of Cha-am?

9. Under which name is known the stretch of road that runs along the back of the Novotel (8 km south of Cha-am town) and which boasts many restaurants, massage salons and bars?

10. Which American university has a campus in Cha-am?

11. What does the "C" stand for in "Big C" (the supermarket)?

12. Complete the name of Cha-am’s annual festival: Kin Hoy (eat shell), Doo Nok (watch birds)…

13. True or false? Santorini Park, Camel Republic and the Premium Outlet belong to the same group.

14. Sort these pictures of Cha-am hotels following the alphabetical order of their names.



15. How many Seven-Eleven stores are there on Cha-am’s beachfront (from the pier at the north to the Grand Pacific hotel at the south)?

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