Test your knowledge about Cha-Am (quiz #1)

This is our first quiz about Cha-Am, 15 questions to test your knowledge. We hope you find it fun and interesting. If you have comments please let us know (but if you post in the "comments" section below, please do not give out the answers!).

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1. In which province is Cha-am?

2. Cha-am (we mean the district) has a population of approximately:

3. What is the postal code for Cha-am?

4. What is the total length of Cha-am beach road (from the pier at the north to the Grand Pacific hotel at the south)?

5. What does the name "Cha-am" actually mean?

6. Which two sea animals are represented by the statue that can be found at the very end of the 700 meters pier, on north Cha-am beach?



7. The Maruekhathaiyawan (or Mrigadayavan) palace, on the coast between Cha-am and Hua Hin, was the summer palace of which King?



8. In which place can you find some statues depicting Phra Aphai Mani, the famous work of the Thai poet Sunthorn Phu?

9. What is the real name of the "hospital road"?

10. Which of these golf courses is not in Cha-am district?

11. Which bank has two branches in Cha-am and is associated with the colour purple?

12. On which day can you find the night market near Cha-am’s train station?

13. Chaam, spelt in one word, is the name of another city in which country?

14. Where was this photo taken?



15. How do you write Cha-am in Thai? ("I don't" is not an option!)



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