Phuket Immigration wants to know everything

Foreigners in Phuket, whenever they submit an application to the Immigration (90 days report, re-entry permit, extension of stay..) will have to provide confidential information: number and details of their bank accounts, model and licence plate of their vehicles, their identities on social networks like Facebook or Line, and the places they usually visit (restaurants, shops, hospitals…). Providing false information, the form says, shall be punished by the Penal Code.

The aim, according to the officials, is to “help catch foreigners faster”!

Phuket News also reminds us that less than a month ago, a breach of security in the Immigration network saw personal details (names, addresses, professions, passport numbers…) of thousands of foreigners living in Southern Thailand posted online.

We are better off in Cha-am… for now.

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