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The Monday night quiz at the Blue Lagoon is the weekly event that all quiz addicts are looking forward to. What’s better than sitting with friends, enjoying nice food and a drink (or a lot of them) and then rattling your brain trying to answer general knowledge or trivia questions? As new faces are always welcomed, I thought I would explain more in details how the quizzes are organized, how to join, etc. So here is the “Monday night quiz FAQ”.

Is it every Monday?

The quiz is held every Monday, except if it happens to be a Thai religious holiday (alcohol can’t be sold and bars are closed).

What format is the quiz?

A typical quiz is 4 rounds of 12 questions, and a picture round. The quizmaster asks the questions into the mike, and each team writes the answer on a sheet of paper. After the end of the round, papers are exchanged and each team corrects another team’s paper. There is a short break after the first two rounds. After round 3 we correct the picture round (which can be anything, faces of famous people, logos, anagrams…). During the game there are also two “beer questions”, that can get you a free drink if you are fast enough to answer.

What are the topics covered?

Everything! General knowledge, geography, history, Thailand, science, movies… Some quizmasters also have music questions, they play a song and you should guess the singer and the title.

What time does it start?

People arrive around 19:00 to enjoy the buffet, and the quiz starts at 19:45. It usually ends around 22:00.

Do I have to book?

No you don’t, just show up with your friends and think about a team name. If you are alone don’t be shy, ask for Stu and he will find a team for you.

How many members are there per team?

The maximum team members you can have is 6. For any extra member, there is a handicap of 0.5 point per round (i.e. if you are a team of 7, you will lose half a point per round). The average is 4-5, so if you are, say, 8, you can also decide to split into two teams. Everybody sitting at a table with a team is considered to be a team member (except children). Anyone not playing is invited to sit at the bar or at a non playing table.

What if I don’t understand English too well?

Don’t worry, you won’t be alone, as there are many different nationalities. It’s part of the fun! But the quizmasters know that and usually they speak slowly and they can repeat the questions. And of course you can also rely on your fellow team members.

How much does it cost?

100 baht for the food (optional), and 50 baht for the quiz entry. Thip is a great cook and the buffet is delicious and varied, we highly recommend it.

Is there any prize to win?

The winning team is offered a round of applause, and also a round of drinks!

Who are the quizmasters?

Mostly regulars just volunteering and taking turns. Preparing and conducting a quiz is a fun and rewarding experience. If you want to try it be prepared to put in some work, as it is not that easy to come up with a balanced set of questions (not too easy, not too hard, interesting enough, covering varied subjects, that can be answered by people of various backgrounds and nationalities, etc.). So it’s challenging, but hey, as the quizmaster you get to drink free all night. 🙂

Where is the Blue Lagoon?

The Blue Lagoon is the first bar on your left when you enter soi Plaza, which is the soi almost opposite the Baguette, on the road that goes from the viewpoint to the main traffic lights on Phetkasem. If you come from the beach viewpoint, soi Plaza is 300 meters on your left.

Now let’s keep in touch

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See you next Monday!

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  1. Hi Windy, yes your family can be a team, or someone alse can also join you, it’s quite flexible. There is a quiz tonight, June 30. See you there!

  2. We are a family with 3 persons 2 adults and 1 kid 12 years olds. Could we all 3 persons join Monday night quiz as a team? We love to have someone to join us as a team, if poosible:) Is it held the quiz this Monday 30, May 2014?

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