Minivan stations are moving out of Victory Monument

Starting from Sept 25, the minivans that were at Victory Monument will operate from a new terminal, near Mo Chit. There will be shuttle buses for passengers to travel between the minivans station and the bus terminal at Mo Chit.

Also note that 2,000 more minivans will be added to the 1,600 currently operating. That means a lot of new drivers, let’s just hope that they will undergo minimum basic training, or the deaths on Thai roads will increase even more!

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  1. Seems like all minivans have moved to southern route bus terminal. If u did mistake like me went to Victoria monument, cross to opposite and head north.. to bus station. take bus number 28 to southern route bus terminal. Posted in Jan 2019.

  2. Hello, are there shuttle buses from Suvarnabhumi Airport to the minivan station at Mo Chit?
    Or the shuttle bus just available from DMK?
    Thank you

    • That journey is about 35km by road. Get the train from the airport to Mo Chit. It very easy and probably quicker than driving due to traffic in Bangkok. Go to the first floor of the airport and get on the airport link train and get off when it terminates (approx 30 minutes) at Phaya Thai station. Then take the BTS from Phaya Thai to Mo Chit and you’ll be there in about 45 mins total travel time.

  3. Hello, I would like to take the mini van from Bangkok to Cha’am. Could you please tell me where can I take that? To Mochit BTS Station or Southern bus station or anywhere else? Thank you so much

  4. I am planning to go from bangkok to cha-am the morning of jan 3rd. Where is the minivan or bus terminals going there currently? Also leaving cha-am I have a flight from DMK at 720pm, what is the best options?

    • Where in Bangkok? If from the airport, airport bus is the best. From Cha-am to DMK I would suggest a taxi, or the regular bus to Mor Chit station, then shuttle bus to Don Meuang.

  5. Hi, I would like to go Cha-Am in October 20 by minivan. Is there still any minivan departs from Victory Monument or all has been moving out to Mo-chit 2 Terminal? Thanks

      • Hi Cindy, it’s a bit confusing now, they had a “D-day” on Sept 25 and now there’s another one on Oct 25. I was at Victory Monument on Oct 11 and there were still minivans and tickets for sale, but today I’ve just read on a Thai Facebook that the minivans for Hua Hin would be moved, and not to Mochit but to the Southern bus station (“sai tai mai”).

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