Language Corner (9)

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You have more than likely heard Thais ask the question ‘Sa-baai dee mai?’ – meaning ‘How are you?’ In this edition, we are going to look at alternative ways to ask this question and the various responses you can give.

How are you?

– Sa-baai dee mai? = How are you?
– Bpen yang-ngai baang? = How is it going?/ How have you been?/ How was it?

– Sa-baai dee maak. = I’m very well.
– Sa-baai dee. = I’m fine.
– Gor dee. = Not bad.
– Ruai-ruai = So so.
– Mai koi sa-baai. = Not so good.
– Mai sa-baai. = Not well.
– Mai sa-baai maak. = Not well at all.
– Roo-suk yaae. = Terrible.


Practice the following dialogue between Parichat and David:

Parichat: Sa-wat-dee ka. Bpen yang-ngai baang ka? (How are you doing?)
David: Mai koi sa-baai krap. (I’m not so good.)
Parichat: Kun bpen a-rai ka? (What’s wrong?)
David: Pom bpuat-hua nit-noi krap. (I have a slight headache.)


Maak = Very
Koi = Quite
Roo-suk = Feel
Yaae = Terrible
Bpen a-rai = What’s wrong?
Bpuat = Pain
Hua = Head
Nit-noi = A little bit

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