Language Corner (8)

Welcome to the latest edition of Language Corner, the easy to understand guide to speaking functional Thai, brought to you by Insight English Cha-Am and

In this edition, we are going to learn about countries. Thai people have their own names for countries and therefore may not understand if you say where you come from in your native tongue. Below is a list of countries which are useful to know in Thai.

England = Ang-grit
France = Fa-rang-seet
Germany = Yur-ra-man
Portugal = Bpo-dtu-gate
China = Jeen
Japan = Yee-bpun
Korea = Gao-lee
Cambodia = Gam-poo-chaa (official)/ Ka-main (unofficial)
Myanmar = Pa-maa

Where are you from?

Parichat: Kun maa-jaak bpra-teet a-rai ka? (Where are you from?)
David: Pom maa-jaak bpra-teet Ang-grit krap. (I’m from England.)
Parichat: Kun maa-jaak muang a-rai ka? (Whereabouts?)
David: Pom maa-jaak muang London krap. (I’m from London.)
Kun la krap? (And you?)
Parichat: Chan maa-jaak jang-wat Grung-teep ka. (I’m from Bangkok.)

Maa = Come
Jaak = From
Bpra-teet = Country
A-rai = What
Muang = City
Jang-wat = Province

Note: Many people know Bangkok as a city, but actually it’s a province – that’s why we call it ‘jang-wat Grung-teep’ (Bangkok province) not ‘muang Grung-teep’. Another example would be ‘muang Hua Hin’ (Hua Hin city) in ‘jang-wat Prachuap Kirikan’ (Prachuab Kirikan province).

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