Language Corner (7)

Welcome to the latest edition of Language Corner, the easy to understand guide to speaking functional Thai, brought to you by Insight English Cha-Am and

In the last two editions, we learnt about numbers going up to 1,000. In today’s edition we take a look at numbers that can be used when negotiating the price of something.

Here are the numbers in Thai:

10 = sip
11 = sip et
100 = nung roi
101 = nung roi nung
1,000 = nung pan
1,001 = nung pan nung
10,000 = nung muun
100,000 = nung saan
1,000,000 = nung laan

Prices are very important in our everyday lives – especially in a country where many things can be bought for a lot less if you are any good at haggling. The following dialogue shows a conversation between, the seller (kon-kaai) and the buyer (kon-suu) at a phone shop.

Kon-kaai: Doo muu-tuu roon nai dee ka? (What mobile model are you looking for?)
Kon-suu: Nokia N900 raa-kaa tao-rai? (How much is the Nokia N900?)
Kon-kaai: Gaao pan jet roi hok sip baht ka. (9,760 Baht.)
Kon-suu: Lot noi dai mai? (Can you give me a discount?)
Kon-kaai: Gaao pan haa roi baht la gun ka. (Ok, 9,500 Baht.)
Kon-suu: Kop-kun krap. (Thank you.)

Doo = Look
(Too-ra-sap) muu-tuu = Mobile (phone)
Roon = Model
Nai = Which
Raa-kaa = Price
Tao-rai = How much
Lot = Reduce
Noi = A little bit
Dai mai = Can you/he/she…

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