Language Corner (6)

Welcome to the latest edition of Language Corner, the easy to understand guide to speaking functional Thai, brought to you by Insight English Cha-Am and

In today’s edition we look at asking for someone’s telephone number, and explaining that we have lost something.

Thai people say they have lost something by using the following structure:

– Pom tam + (lost object) + haai
– Pom tam gun-jae haai = I lost my keys.
– Pom tam (too-ra-sap) muu-tuu haai = I lost my mobile (phone).

What is your telephone number?

David: Bur (too-ra-sap) muu-tuu kong kun bur a-rai krap? (What is your mobile phone number?)
Parichat: Kun mee laew. (You already have it!)
David: Pom roo, dtae pom tam (too-ra-sap) muu-tuu haai krap. (I know, but I lost my mobile.)
Parichat: Jing-ror ka? (Really!)
David: Jing krap. (Yes.)
Parichat: Ok, bur (too-ra-sap) muu-tuu kong chan bur 084-881-8396. (Ok, my mobile (phone) number is 084-881-8396.)
David: Kop-kun krap. (Thanks.)

Bur = Number
(Too-ra-sap) muu-tuu = Mobile (phone)
Mee = Have
Laew = Already
Roo = Know
Dtae = But
Jing-ror = Really?
Kong chan/pom = My
Kong kun = Your

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