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We are used to having only one New Year in most western countries but here in Thailand New year is celebrated on three different occasions. Thai New Year is celebrated in April and is called “Song-gran”. Chinese New Year is also marked in some parts of Thailand and is usually in late January. The final one is the one we are all familiar with and is of course celebrated on the 31st of December.

The greeting in Thai remains the same for these events and is the simple Sa-was-dee bpee mai! Or Suk-sun wan bpee mai!

If you would like to wish someone a happy birthday you can say “Suk-sun wan gerd!” (Happy Birthday!)

Happy New Year!  (Suk-sun wan bpee mai! / Sa-was-dee bpee mai!)

Practice the following dialogue between Parichat and David:

Parichat: Sa-was-dee bpee mai ka. (Happy New Year!)
David: Kob-khun krap. Sa-was-dee bpee mai chen-gun krap. (Thank you. You too.)
Parichat: Khun pai tiew tee-nai ma ka? (Where did you go?)
David: Phom pai ngan-sang-sun tee ban puan ma krap. (I went to a party at my friends.)
Parichat: Puan kong khun ma-jak pra-thed a-rai ka? (Where is your friend from?)
David: Kao ma-jak pra-thed Un-grit krap. (He is from England.)

Suk-sun = Happy (wish someone happy)
Bpee mai = New Year
Kob-khun = Thank you
Chen-gun = The same
Pai tiew = Go out
Tee-nai = Where
Ngan-sang-sun = A party
Tee = At
Ban = House
Puan = Friend
Kong = Of
Ma-jak = Come from
Pra-thed = Country
A-rai = What
Kao = He/She
Un-grit = England, English

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