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Welcome to the first edition of Language Corner, your monthly guide to speaking Thai, brought to you by Insight English Cha-Am and

Today’s edition looks at “Greetings” and Kha and Khrap. Kha and Khrap are used at the end of sentences and questions and show you are being polite. Kha is used by females and Khrap is used by males.

In formal situations males use the more formal Khrap and in informal situations the simplified Khap is used. They can also be used to show acknowledgment of what someone is saying, and can often be used to replace “Yes”.


Often the first thing a foreigner hears in Thai is Sawasdee kha/khrap meaning hello. The next question is inevitably “Khun chue a-rai kha/khrap?” or What is your name? and this is closely followed with “Khun ma-jak tee nai kha/khrap?” or Where are you from?

Practice the following dialogue between Parichat and David:

Parichat: Sawasdee kha. (Hello)
David: Sawasdee khap. (Hello)
Parichat: Khun chue a-rai kha? (What is your name?)
David: Phom chue David khap. (I am David/My name is David)
Parichat: Khun David ma-jak tee nai kha? (Where are you from?)
David: Phom ma-jak Angkrit khap. (I am from England)

A-rai = What?
Ma = Come
Jak = From
Tee nai = Where?
Angkrit = England
Phom = “I” used by males
Dii Chan = “I” used by females

Language corner is brought to you by Insight English Cha-am.

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