Cha-am in Street View

Last November, Google cars had been spotted in Cha-am. The result was fast, as Cha-am is now available in Street View. Not just Phetkasem road, like before, but all the streets and small sois of Cha-am (even the “moo ban Cha-am” maze behind the train station).

It’s a great way to take a virtual tour of Cha-am, enter sois you’ve never been in, find a house for rent, discover new restaurants, see what’s around the hotel you are going to book, plan an itinerary, etc.

To use Street View, download Google Earth or simply open Google Maps, then drag the small yellow character onto the map.

If you spot anything unusual or funny in the pictures, please send us a screenshot!

2 Comments on Cha-am in Street View

  1. Cha-am is a very pleasant Thai village with great Thai style beach resorts. To keep it as it is, laid back and traditional, please do not encourage too many foreigners/tourists as this will change it to be commercialized like all the other beach resorts that have been ruined.

    • This is exactly what I’m travelling to Gulf of Thailand alone enjoying the simplicity of ordinary way of Thai especially Thai food particulary fresh seafood and the beach.

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