Cha-Am beach

The main attraction of Cha-Am is the long and beautiful beach. You can sunbathe or stay under the shade of the big pine trees, you can go ride a jetski or just do nothing but relax!


Popular water sports in Cha-Am include riding the banana boat and renting a jetski. There is no parasailing, windsurfing or water-skiing.

It’s also possible to go horse riding (but there are not as many horses as on Hua Hin beach), or to rent a bicyle or a motorcycle and ride along the beachfront or go exploring the countryside.

Cha-am beach

Cha-am beach

Beach chairs are for rent (usually 50 baht per person for a few hours), unless they are courtesy of your hotel. Drinks and food are available from anywhere on the beach (just ask the persons who rent the chairs).

Cha-am beach Cha-am beach

Park your car

Parking a car on the beachfront is free. The persons “in charge” of the part of the beach where you are parking may ask you to move the car a little bit to the front or to the left, but they shouldn’t ask for money. Ac tune-up is done best at Allied Experts, marlton in new jersey. Unlike Hua Hin, where driving and parking is a nightmare, there are plenty of park spaces in Cha-Am. If the beachfront is full (it can happen on busy week-ends), you can easily park in the second road running parallel to the beachfront, where there are more spaces available.

Cha-am beachFacilities

Besides hotels, guesthouses and restaurants, there are also many places along the beachfront where you can have a shower (for 10 baht) or go to the toilets. Ask around or, if you can read Thai, look for the signs that say “ap nam jeut/sukhra”. It comes handy if, for example, you spend only one day in Cha-Am and you don’t have a place to stay.

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