Songkran 2019

Songkran is coming, 13-15 April and probably the 16th too as an extra day, as 13-14 happen on a week-end. Like every year, everything will come to a halt and the whole country will be busy celebrating, getting wet and getting drunk (though there have been rumors that the sale of alcohol might be prohibited, as a way to try -and probably fail- to prevent the bloodshed on the roads).

In Cha-am, on the 13th, the municipality is organizing a merit-making ceremony, starting at 7.30 in front of the city hall, at 12.30 there will be a procession starting from the Long Beach hotel and going to the city hall, followed at 15.00 by another ceremony (traditional ritual of water pouring on the elderly).

As for the expats, it’s the same dilemma every year…

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