The high season is on

What’s new in Cha-Am for the high season? First things first: food! The close-during-low-season restaurants have reopened or are about to reopen. Chez Töög, facing the western end of soi Bus Station on Chaolay road, has already reopened, and Rang Yen, on the other side of the soi, in the alley near the 7/11, will reopen on November 16. Paris Style, on the small place near the Baguette (I have yet to hear anyone using the new name of that shop), is taking a fresh start with a new menu. The best dishes have been kept (the Burger, the cheese plate…) but now there are crepes and galettes, and we don’t mean the thick American pancakes or the platic like Thai crepes, we mean the real French deal. On the suggestion of our German friend Rudi we went to have dinner at Kaews’ café, opposite Aroy on Chaolay road. The name is just on the menus inside, so from outside it’s a noname restaurant. But who cares about a name when the food (western food) is good and not expensive. There are many small restaurants like this in Cha-Am, so if you have any suggestions, please let us know. Some of the places we like are featured on these two articles: Thai restaurants in Cha-Am and International restaurants in Cha-Am.

Kaew's café menu (left) - Chez Töög (right)
Kaew’s café menu (left) – Chez Töög (right)

Restaurants are also featured on our interactive city map, along with hotels, guesthouses, condos, shops, minimarts, markets, amusement parks, monuments, official buildings, banks, etc. We have just put online a new version of the map, with a more simple design and updated markers. If you notice any mistake, if you have suggestions or comments, or if you have a business in Cha-Am and you can’t find yourself on the map, please get in touch with us. We have big projects regarding this map, stay tuned…

Cha-Am Memory has become a memory! The newest marker on our map is a brand new Tesco Express that has just opened on the beachfront, at the angle of soi 3/1, on the nort side of the beach. It is at the place where Cha-Am memory used to be. Cha-Am Memory, or Cha-Am ramleuk in Thai was a supermarket, a pharmacy and a souvenir shop. Now only the two latter remain, in a smaller place. The Tesco Express is not very big but it is still the biggest supermarket on the beach, and whereas all Seven Eleven have about the same products (same same but different), Tesco is a welcoming change.

Tesco Express3


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