A new Governor for Phetchaburi

The Phuket governor, Mr Phakaphong Tavipatana, has been transferred to Phetchaburi, while the current Petchaburi governor Kobchai Boonorana will go to Chaiyaphum, and Chaiyaphum governor Narong Woonsiew will take over Phuket from Mr Phakaphong. The swap is supposedly linked to the high rate of Covid infections in Phuket.

Source : Bangkok Post

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  1. Hello, I’m not a journalist but I doubt anybody, journalist or not, has an answer to your question. The fact that swimming is prohibited just doesn’t make any sense at all.

  2. Maybe as a journalist you’ll be able to get an answer to a question regarding Cha Am beach.
    The beach is now open since beginning of June. HOWEVER swimming is prohibited by the police.
    BUT the regulations don’t make sense since swimming pools where people are in closer proximity to each other are open.
    AND in the news it states that there are requirements but DOES NOT state that people can’t swim.

    “The DOH is collaborating with the relevant agencies to establish health and safety guidelines at tourist attractions and beaches. Tourists numbers will be limited and they will have to maintain a safe distance from each other. As well, water activities will be limited, with fewer allowed on banana boats, speed boats, and rubber hoops.
    Tourists are expected to strictly adhere to the location’s guidelines, wear a mask at all times on the beach, wash their hands frequently, refrain from shouting when swimming, and maintain a one- to two-metre distance from each other both on land and in water.”

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